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Mekoprint is a family-owned company which was founded in 1954. The company has its headquarters in Støvring, employs about 500 employees, and has a total production space of 40,000m2 in Europe.  With the company's flexible production in Denmark, Eastern Europe and Asia, the company offers global delivery and reduction in "time-to-market."

Mekoprint's production is primarily directed at customers in Europe. Our products consist of 100% customised solutions for industrial and electronics companies.


Company structure


Mekoprints Mechanics produces cabinets, chassis components and front panels using several technologies. The division has one of Europe's most modern production equipment and has production facilities that total over 15,000m2. All sheet metal work is housed under one roof. We have a machine inventory which handles all kinds of solutions for individual components and for more complex combination solutions.

Mekoprint Graphic Electronics develops and manufactures customer-specific operating solutions, industrial graphics solutions and electronic print on flexible foils. The division covers three distinctive business areas housed at our 11,000 m2 production facilities:
Graphic foils • Capacitive touch foils • Etching • Sensors
Via a fully automated roll-to-roll set-up, we provide cost-effective production of flexible foils for our customers at globally competitive prices. Our reliable production methods offer uniformly high quality, low discard rates and high yields. Our products and manufacturing processes are designed to allow for continual automation in the customer's own production processes.
Foil and silicon keyboards • Touch integration • Complex front panels
Production of keyboard solutions to optimise the overall experience of using the customer's product, including visual design expression, functionality and durability. Our highly competent design team meets customer requirements. The team focuses on producing high product value at the lowest possible overall cost and easy integration with the finished product. We run a global set-up with production in Denmark and Asia.
Graphic labels, signs and overlays • Print on panels and foils • Insulating foils 
Production of cost-effective industrial graphics solutions using print on all types of plastic materials and foils, and metal surfaces. Our design team does their utmost to optimise the design expression, durability and brand value of  the final product. The team is dedicated to ensuring that they create a balance between the visual design, choice of materials and efficiency in a lean-optimised production set-up.

Mekoprint Chemigraphics produces shaped, mechanically finished thin sheet metal components and metal signs. The division has 6,000m2 of administrative and production facilities space which provides the perfect framework for optimal solutions for professional customers from all industries. Furthermore, we handle all the mechanical processing equipment, ensuring optimal geometrical freedom.

Mekoprint Cables manufactures customised cable assemblies based on products in Eastern Europe. The division's employees have great materials and product knowledge and are happy to assist in providing proposed solutions.


Mekoprint Asia

By engaging with the Mekoprint Asia setup, you will, as our customer, get the best of both worlds. We combine high-technology, fully automated production in Denmark with partner-based, labor-intensive production in Asia. Mekoprint has for many years collaborated with a number of production partners in Asia. Our relationships are based on mutual respect and great cultural understanding.

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Mekoprint Poland

With its Poland setup, Mekoprint offers low costs for, i.a., assembly and various metalworkings. At the same time, work is performed in a location close to Denmark so that extra transportation costs are kept at a minimum.  
In November, 2005, Mekoprint set up the subsidiary Mekoprint sp. z.o.o. in Stargard near Szczecin, Poland. 

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Mekoprint sp. z.o.o.'s projects work includes:
•    Assembly work
•    Border work
•    Punching on eccentric presses
•    Welding work
•    Spot welding
•    Inserting press details
•    Thread cutting and chamfering



LEAN at Mekoprint


With all production employees using iPads, Mekoprint is working 100% digitally and paperlessly.  This means that our employees can follow every customer order at all stages of production until deliver, and that they are able to see work and process descriptions, various drawings and order status. This means that we are able to work in real time, with updated documents and with a minimum usage of administrative time.



A special lean culture has been created in which everyone in the company contributes to positive development. Our employees' suggestions for improvements are taken into consideration by the management who have long understood that the best suggestions often come from the people who are engaged in the processes in question in their daily lives. 


Mekoprint is family-owned

The company started in 1954 when Erland Kold purchased a part of the Aalborg Kliché and Metalskilte factory.
The metal sign factory went to Mekoprint which produced etched metal signs and self-adhesive lacquer transfers for labeling engines, pumps and agricultural machines.

Since Esben Kold (educated as a chemical engineer with a business studies diploma in organisation) took over leadership of Mekoprint in 1973 until today (2015), the company has developed into a high-tech growth-oriented company with a wide range of technologies, competences, and product solutions.

On March 1, 2015, the third generation of the family represented in Anders Kold assumed leadership of Mekoprint. Anders (who is 39 years old) has an MSc. in Strategy, Organisation and Leadership from CBS, located in Copenhagen, from 2001.  
During the last seven years, Anders owned his own consulting company (Avento A/S) and during this same period he has been a member of Mekoprint's board.


  • 1954
  • 1960
  • 1970
  • 1973
  • 1990
  • 1992
  • 2000
  • 2012
  • 2015



In 1954, Erland Kold (with 15 years of experience as a beaurocrat and mink farmer) purchased a part of the then Aalborg Kliché and Metalskilte factory.  

In the following year, growing agricultural machinery, pumps, engines and oil regulators industries formed the first customer base and growth basis for Mekoprint.

Erland Kold went in a new direction when he founded the company that today is known as Mekoprint. Based on active customer care and good business acumen, he developed the company from scratch. He was curious by nature, and was interested in other people and in integrity.

Mekoprint does not have its "own products" but is a 100% subcontractor. It is our passion to develop, design, construct and produce innovative product solutions for our customers. 

We develop and thrive well with customers who have particularly special needs. We are constantly improving our employees' competences and continuously invest in new production technologies with a high degree of automation. 



The company changes its name to Mekoprint. The first letters are from the founder's surname and the two technologies that then were basic elements of the company–metalworking and printing.


Customer-driven investments

In line with the company growing under the leadership of Esben Kold in the 1970s, a customer-oriented market and product group strategy developed. The investments that were made were oriented towards customers that had special requirements in the metal and foil/plastic processing areas.


Esben CEO

Esben Kold (son of founder Erland Kold) assumes the position of CEO. With a chemical engineering background and a business studies diploma in organisation and leadership, he began developing new products and production technologies.


Growth in telecommunications

In the 1990s, metal cabinets and flex print were new growth areas based on mobile telephone technology in the telecommunications industry.


Start of collaboration in Asia

Mekoprint entered into an agreement with an Asian partner on the production of foil and silicone rubber keypads.



When the IT bubble burst, Mekoprint was able to focus on what we are best at, including the optimisation of surface treatments and special surfaces. These areas contributed to bringing Mekoprint through the first great globalisation wave in which a great deal of production was moved to Eastern Europe.


Establishment of an office in Asia

In October 2012, Mekoprint made a strategic decision to establish a local presence in Asia and established Mekoprint Hong Kong Ltd. headed by third generation son Søren Kold. The objectives are providing service to customers via production in Asia and creating a network of new potential customers who have moved their production operations to Asia.


The third generation takes over

The third generation has taken over the leadership of the Mekoprint concern with a generational succession on 1 March, 2015.  Esben Kold, who has been in charge of the family-owned company since 1973 assigned his CEO position to his oldest son, Anders Kold.

Board of directors


Chairman of the Board

Former CEO of Aalborg Industries


Vice Chairman

Technical Manager


Member of the Board

CEO of Mekoprint A/S


Member of the Board

Employee Representative
Mekoprint A/S employee

Claus Laustsen

Member of the Board

Employee Representative
Mekoprint A/S employee


Member of the Board

Former Executive Vice President of Ib Andresen Industri

Annual report

Core values


Mekoprint is an innovative, value-adding and global supplier which collaborates with customers with specialised needs for customised products and total solutions for control panels, high-volume flexible circuit boards, EMC shields, wire tailoring, metal signs and processed metal components.


We will be the preferred collaborative partner for a selected group of customers through:
- A global presence in sales, development and production
- Collaboration with selected certified suppliers and collaboration partners
- Continuous innovative development of customised products and collaborative solutions
- An attractive workplace for our employees



  • Curious
  • Ambitious
  • Resolute
  • Responsible

Mekoprint's founder, Erland Kold, took the first step in a new direction when he founded the company that is today Mekoprint, because he had the firm belief that walking in the footsteps of others has never led to new horizons. Curiosity is the driving force at Mekoprint. Curiosity leads us to find new ways of doing things, new customers, new markets, new relationships, new horizons. 

It is not a coincidence that Mekoprint has gone from being among the many producers of metal printing blocks in the 1950s to today being in a unique position as a global competitive supplier of such varied products as solar panels and EMC screens. This took courage. The courage to go in places that others have not gone. Courage to look ahead. To take the next step. Courage to do that which no other dares to do.

We explicitly do not design and produce our own products, and are passionate about designing and optimising our customers' own products. Immersion in our customers' specialised needs is our branded good.

The competition keeps us in the line of fire and challenges us to do our best. We want customers who require high quality, high automation and the utilisation of the newest production technologies. No one has ever been strong by having the wind at their back.

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