Case: Rungstedgaard

We are not designers, so we were comfortable with putting the design phase in the hands of Mekoprint.

Design project

What the customer needed?

Rungstedgaard is a Danish hotel and conference centre. They wanted to decorate their meeting rooms with unique whiteboard which were to make up part of wall decoration as they were installing new sound insulation. In this way, the whiteboards would blend into the already stylish decor of the conference rooms. The large whiteboards should partly be writable with whiteboard pens and partly appear beautiful and decorative when not in use. As the whiteboards should be completely cleanable as well, it was also a requirement that the screws used for their mounting should be level with the surface of the whiteboard.

Which solution was chosen?

The design project was largely in the hands of Mekoprint after a thorough clarification of the requirements for both design and functionality of the finished product. The end product was 40 whiteboards with 20 unique designs on 5 mm acrylic panels with digital printing on the back.

The individual whiteboards are 800 x 800 mm and fitted with recessed screw holes so that screw heads and the surface of the whiteboard are level. As the beautiful motifs are digitally printed on the backside, the images have an amazing depth and the surface of the whiteboard can be wiped again and again without scratching the motif. The board are printed on Mekoprint’s flatbed digital printer where multiple sheets can be printed in one step.

What were the benefits?

"It's fantastic to get a crazy idea for a whiteboard, which has in fact more features - and then shortly after have the finished boards in hand – ready to be hung.

We are not designers, so we were comfortable with putting the design phase in the hands of Mekoprint. They had freedom in the design phase and found 20 beautiful motifs in muted colors to match the look that we wanted to have in the meeting room. Guests who have used a meeting room express the surprise they felt when they discovered that the beautiful decorations on the walls also work as whiteboards ".

Stine Gregersen Kold, Hotel Director, Rungstedgaard



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