Mekoprint is a 100% manufacture-to-order high-tech company focusing on innovative, partner-based relationships with customers and suppliers. Our focus on innovative relationships is the foundation permeating the company. Our thinking is partner-based and today this is Mekoprint's trademark.

We are proud of our ability to constantly develop our internal competences. This is a process that never stops. Our years of work with process optimisation for the benefit of customers, suppliers and Mekoprint is clearly felt in our and our customer's everyday.


Design and product development

Mekoprint is with you all the way

Mekoprint is often involved in our customers' product development from the time the project begins, not for vanity but to find the best possible solution based on specialised product and production technology knowledge. Through open dialogue, our globally-oriented design centre provides expert counselling. 

In all respects, we are a user-oriented and know the importance of creating simple but optimal solutions tailored to our customers' unique needs.

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Supply Chain Management

Optimising the value chain

Mekoprint's global logistics system matches our customers' needs and is controlled from a local SCM support centre to optimise our customers' value chain.

With the company's flexible production in Denmark, Eastern Europe and Asia, the company offers global delivery and reduction in "time-to-market."

Components produced in Asia can be shipped for direct delivery at our customers' factory. Our Asian suppliers are managed by Mekoprint's local office in Hong Kong.

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IT in our everyday

Digitalisation and real time

Since we have introduced iPads, production has been 100% paperless and our employees have access to all relevant paperwork in real time and at our fingertips.

With the digitalisation of all processes, our administrative work flow, in support of our collaboration with our customers, has been significantly optimised.


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With a basis on the motto that actions should be specific and at eye level with the employees so that everyone is involved in the process, lean has been introduced at Mekoprint. We work with the idea that it is beneficial to handle processes in a smarter way and not just to tighten controls. 

Our daily processes are tailored and productivity is improved in all phases. The whole value chain has been a focus and continues to be a focus, and we measure turnaround times during production as well as for administration. Through several weekly management meetings, all work processes and our progress are ensured. 

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A special lean culture has been created in which everyone in the company contributes to positive development. Our employees' suggestions for improvements are taken into consideration by the management who have long understood that the best suggestions often come from the people who are engaged in the processes in question in their daily lives.

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