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Mekoprint update

  • Your user interface is your brand – do you make the most of it?

    A user interface is the point where your product meets your customers. It's where they can see and feel the quality of the machine they work with. And that's why the choice of material and appearance is important. Silicon keyboards score well for both look and feel, not to mention durability.
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  • Design of printed electronics and the Internet of Things for high volume production

    The high volume production of flexible foils is fully automated according to the roll-to-roll principle at Mekoprint. That gives a global win-win-win situation in terms of price, quality level and automated product assembly, all things that are vitally important for known products and that create new opportunities within the Internet of Things.
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  • Sparring on graphic design gives higher product value

    Mekoprint's industrial designers build bridges from product functionality, tolerances and technical specifications – to design and optimised brand value. The result is cohesion between appearance, performance and production preparation for graphic solutions.
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