Flexible production down to 1 days lead time


Flexible production down to 1 days lead time

Mekoprint is divided into specialized production units with short lead times through integrated production on a single site. One example is Mekoprint Mechanics’ newest division in Hornslet where projects are completed efficiently in a single day. The key is a high level of flexibility in an integrated process flow from laser cutting to bending, robot welding, wet paint and assembly of turnkey solutions of up to as much as three metres.

The basis of Mekoprint Mechanics in Hornslet is comprehensive production equipment that is easy to adapt. In combination with expert employees and integral quality control, we offer flexible production that is not dependent on subcontractors.

Our orders vary from small cabinet ranges to project production of complicated steel constructions while major serial projects are produced by Mekoprint Mechanics in Aalborg and Poland.

From smiths to engineers, LEAN focuses continuously on process optimisation and the reduction of waste. Automation, investment in robot welding cells and upgrading wet paint systems are examples of our most recent and continuous streamlining process. 

But Mechanics in Hornslet is also constantly enhancing customer products and processes from customers like the Danish-German Beumer Group benefit.

Regional partnerships for a global marketplace
The Beumer Group is a leading global developer and manufacturer of hi-tech, turnkey intralogistics solutions. They have a wide-ranging requirement for production equipment and flexibility in the manufacture of e.g. sorting systems for logistics centres.

Our close partnership and mutual feedback has led to the development of standard modules that increase the Beumer Group’s flexibility towards its own customers.

Mekoprint’s machinery and skills are very much geared to meeting both our and our customers’ requirements for feedback, fast delivery and cost-effective production of uniform high quality. But we also see that Mekoprint is quick to invest in new equipment in order to be able to handle any new requirements we may have.
That is what we call a strategic partnership!”

Martin Nielsen, Supply Chain Manager, Beumer Group A/S.

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Fact box:
The factory in Hornslet is the third and most recent division of Mekoprint Mechanics which, in addition to Hornslet, includes factories in Aalborg and Poland.
The division has one of Europe’s most modern metal production systems which includes automated milling systems, fibre laser cutting, fully automated integrated laser/stamping/bending line, fibre laser robot welding, coil stamping, anodising, wet paint and powder coating and crane-assisted assembly lines.

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