How do we use the customer satisfaction survey to improve?


Our goal is for you to view Mekoprint as a natural and integrated part of the your business from product development to purchasing, logistics and quality. This requires a close working relationship with continuous improvement of our ways of working and your satisfaction.

As a consequence of this, we are very proud of the increasing positive feedback from well-established customer relationships, but our main focus is on the suggestions for general or customer-specific improvement. Instead of working with conventional detailed customer satisfaction surveys, we have focused on the four most important topics: 1) Development process and advice, 2) Product quality, 3) Delivery performance and 4) Customer Service. This is followed by open suggestions for improvement – because we can always do even better!

All responses are assessed by the responsible customer account manager with his or her immediate manager to assess the need for changes or improvements. Additionally responses are included in an overall assessment and prioritization of general improvement initiatives.

The customer satisfaction survey has therefore become an important tool for customer-focused development of both our general processes and each customer relationship based on open and honest dialogue.

According to lead specialist at Mekoprint Graphic Electronics Heidi Bové the focused initiative works:

The survey shows that a focused effort can create new perspectives on customer relationships and promote previously critical customers to become ambassadors for Mekoprint

A customer states the following about the improvement of our partnership:

“We are very pleased with our close working relationship with Mekoprint and have noticed a big improvement on the sales and development side of the company”

To emphasize the importance of suggestions and input in the customer satisfaction survey, Mekoprint will donate EUR 10 to UNICEF for each response. With already more than 300 responses received, we will now be donating in excess of EUR 3,000 in 2017 to improve conditions for vulnerable children.

Thank you for all your many responses and suggestions for improvement!

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