Chassis parts

For decades, Mekoprint has accumulated great expertise in the area of processing sheet metal parts, which has made this one of Mekoprint's core competences. 


Production costs

Chassis parts can be formed by punching or laser cutting sheet metal and then bending it. Pressure bolts and bushings for assembling and installing can be pressed or welded. The production of sheet metal chassis parts makes it possible to reduce production costs.


Sheet metal chassis parts often undergo processes in which the following technologies– all of which we have under our own roof– are used:
-    Punching
-    Laser cutting
-    Bending
-    Installation of pressure bolts and bushings
-    Welding
With our highly developed technologies and our great experience, we can solve the tasks demanded by our customers.


 Other types of chassis parts

Aluminium parts

Aluminium profile solutions can be anodised or lacquered and pressure can be applied to obtain the desired cosmetic look. Get more information on aluminium chassis parts:

Aluminium chassis parts


Chassis parts can be milled out of massive preforms if one desires a product that is very strong and at the same time can be customised to fully meet the customer's desires. Get more information on milled chassis parts:

Milled chassis parts


Read more about our production and technologies related to metal parts in the brochure below.

Metal parts

Quality and the environment

Trustworthy partner

Mekoprint's quality sense is reflected in every detail, at every corner and in every employee. You can therefore count on quality being controlled in all processes via certified systems.

Based on our customers' needs, we provide PPAP documentation, material certificates, and COC and UL documentation.

Read more about quality and the environment at Mekoprint

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