Customised EMC Shielding

Customised EMC shielding projects are often solved using a combination of Mekoprint's competences in etching and bending and Mekoprint's own self-developed locking mechanisms.
Thereby start-up costs are reduced as only standard bending tools are used. In this way, we can provide the rapid and flexible delivery of prototypes. 

Locking machines and shielding can be delivered on Tape-and-Reel to ensure optimal suitability for automatic installation on the circuit board.

For cases in which our customer desires that customised EMC shielding be installed directly on the circuit board and at the same time retain the option of being able to repair the shield components, Mekoprint has developed a unique perforated solution that enables the removal of the lid and the reparation of the given component. The lid can then be re-soldered at the top of the EMC shielding.




•    Manufacture of customised shielding solutions that takes 2-3 days
•    The products are tension and burr free
•    We can deliver any quantity. From one piece to millions
•    The parts can be delivered on Tape-and-Reel for automatic installation
•    Can be made with a customised logo without additional cost

Automated production

The manufacture of customised EMC shielding is dependant on the quantity, either via Mekoprint's etch technology or Mekoprint's automatic punching technology.

By using Mekoprint's etch technology, the manufacturing can occur without cost on tools and with a short delivery time of typically 2-3 days.

The etch technology ensures entirely tension free parts and guarantees burr free products.



Over the past 20 years, Mekoprint has developed and produced customised EMC shielding for demanding industries such as the medical, automotive, and electronics industries.

Thus, we are experienced in handling the entire task, from advising to development, to production and testing of the shielding solution.

The parts, without additional costs, can be produces with the company's logo. The shielding solutions can be done with a number of raw materials. See product information below.



Mekoprint can deliver customised EMC shielding without tool costs and with a very short delivery time of typically 2-3 days.

Modification and testing can be done quickly and safely without the major risks associated with large investments in tools.

The parts can be delivered on a Tape-and-Reel for automatic installation on the circuit board.
The volume can vary from one individual piece to several million pieces.


Order product samples

If you are interested in seeing some examples of shielding solutions, you are welcome to request product samples as they demonstrate the principles used in our shielding solutions.


Order product samples

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