Etched products

Etch technology makes it possible to manufacture complicated geometrical shapes and tolerances which traditional mechanical plate working can not provide.

Etch technology is thus a cost-effective alternative to punching and laser cutting materials that are up to 1.0mm.

In close collaboration with our customers, over the years we have developed innovative solutions and thus have pushed the limits of what is technologically possible.

This technology can be used with a wide range of materials such as: Stainless steel, copper, nickel silver, brass and aluminium.



•    Manufacture of complex geometrical shapes using many different raw materials
•    The products can also be delivered in strips, sheets or coiled and ready for automatic installation at the customer's location
•    Entirely tension and burr free parts
•    There are typically no tool costs associated with the production of these parts
•    Delivery can often take place within 2-3 weekdays


Process based production

Chemical etching used in the production of metal parts has the great advantage that even very complex geometrical shapes can be produced without added costs since the patterns are photographically transferred as with more simple geometrical shapes.

The parts of products produced using etch technology undergo a photographic process for light-sensitive photo resistance. After the etching, the photo resist areas on the panel are removed. The resist is afterwards removed from the parts themselves and then the flat etched part appears.
After etching, further processing in the form of, e.g., bending or surface treatment can be done. 

Customised products

Mekoprint has over 60 years of experience providing customised products. Our etching technology makes highly complex geometrical shapes, which are typically processed in collaboration with our development department, possible.

The parts can subsequently be surface treated. They can be, e.g., nickled or gilded, etc.



We can deliver prototypes within a few days as these do not require the use of fixed tools.
Upon delivery, the parts can be packaged as agreed with the customer and can also be delivered on:

•    Sheets
•    Strips
•    Rolls

It is also possible to deliver the parts ready for installation at the customer's location.
The volume can vary from one individual piece to several million pieces.


Product information

Tolerance overview for etching:
Tolerance table




Product samples

If you are interested in seeing some examples of etching solutions, you are welcome to request product samples.

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