Front panels

Mekoprint has many decades of experience in working with milled metal parts. Our experience has given us a great advantage when we are faced with customers' high quality requirements.

Our advanced machine inventory including, i.a., horizontal and vertical CNC milling machines, makes Mekoprint a very attractive and experienced collaborating partner.



For customers who emphasise the cosmetic appearance of the final product, the milling of front panels is a process that allows for a high degree of product design. Likewise, milling is an appropriate solution for products that are complex and when the customer desires a high degree of flexibility in terms of design.


Milled metal front panels often undergo processes in which the following technologies– all of which we have under our own roof– are used:

-    installation of welding bolts and bushings 
-    anodisation
-    powder coating
-    screen printing 

Our large production facilities and decades of experience allow us to design a front panel that meets the desired requirements and specifications.



 Other types of front panels

Sheet metal parts

Where production costs are paramount, sheet metal front panels can be used. The fronts can be punched or laser cut, and pressure bolts and bushings can be used for installation.

Sheet metal parts front panels

Aluminium profiles

Mekoprint has decades of experience in manufacturing aluminium profile front panels which optimally represent the customer's products. Get more information on aluminium front panels:

Aluminium front panels

Quality and the environment

Trustworthy Partner

Mekoprint's quality sense is reflected in every detail, at every corner and in every employee. You can therefore count on quality being controlled in all processes via certified systems.

Based on our customers' needs, we provide PPAP documentation, material certificates, and COC and UL documentation.

Read more about quality and the environment at Mekoprint

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