High-volume etching

Mekoprint's etching technology can also etch materials being handled on rollers during processing.
The products are typically copper, aluminium or copper-coated aluminium products onto which a photographic pattern has already been transferred, and it is subsequently etched and stripped.

This production method is highly suitable for high-volume production in which the wage element in the finished product is very low.

There are many possible applications and the format can be up to 666mm wide.



Roll-to-roll production

Etching done roll-to-roll is based on a continuous production process for working, processing and rolling the material.

Production therefore is fully automated and uses an extremely competitive set-up.

The materials used are typically copper coated, aluminium coated or a combination of copper and aluminium coated foils.

The coating thickness varies from material to material but is typically between 10μm-120μm.



The development of customised products typically occurs with innovative collaboration with Mekoprint's development department.

In collaboration with the customer, Mekoprint ensures that the highest possible level of automation, throughout the entire production flow, and in which the wage element in the product is held to an absolute minimum, occurs. 



Roll-to-roll production and delivery on rolls ready for high automation at the customer's location.

Automation throughout the entire production chain ensures a consistent level of quality.


Product information and product samples

Tolerance overview for etching:
Tolerance table


Product samples

If you are interested in seeing some examples of etching solutions, you are welcome to request product samples.

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