Insulating foils


When you have developed an electrical appliance or machine, there may be a need for electrical insulating between two prints or between the print and the chassis. Your design may also require that the power supply or other components to be insulated from the rest of the apparatus. An insulating foil provided by Mekoprint is a competitive solution to this problem.


The existing design of the final product is always the starting point for the design of an insulating foil. Thus, the addition of a insulating foil, in principle, does not require any modification of your existing design.

Laser-cut prototypes of insulating foils are delivered in a few days.


To ensure that your product is UL certified, we use materials that are UL certified if desired by you. Are you unsure about the requirements and needs, our technical experts assist in finding the right materials.

We make it simple for you to get your final product UL certified.

 Design & Construction


An insulating foil is made of a thin foil that has the required insulation properties and a long life time even under harsh conditions.
Depending on the design of the product, insulating foils can be designed to be completely planar (2D) or bent (3D). If the design requires it, insulating foils can also be punched out. Similarly, the foil can be provided with an adhesive on part of or on the entire insulating foil, so that it can be placed exactly where you want it.



Insulating foils can be supplied with or without print. If you need to apply e.g. an identification number, a warning or instruction on the foil, it may be digitally or screen printed on the foils.

In some cases, it is advantageous to print an electrically conductive ink on the foil to further enhance the insulating capacity of the foil.

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