Labels and transfers


Screen and digitally printed transfers and labels of the highest quality have many uses.

Safety marking, identification, logos, instructions, warnings, etc. are some of the uses of self-adhesive labels and transfers by Mekoprint's customers.

Whether your order is relatively simple, large, small or just simply very demanding, we can help you develop the right self-adhesive label or transfer applying our extensive knowledge of inks, materials and printing technologies.


Self-adhesive labels and transfers are printed on the front of the foil and provided with the right adhesive, so the finished labels can resist the environment in which they are to function and also adhere to the surface on which they are mounted.

We always advise you about the right choice of material in relation to the requirements you have to the finished label or transfer. We want to secure that at all times you have a product which is resistant to environmental influences to which the end product is subjected while in use. These influences could be heat, cold, sun, oil and other chemical substances.


Cost-effective solutions even at low unit numbers is not too much to expect from Mekoprint.

we remain a competitive supplier for you as to both costs and delivery times as we continuously focus on upgrading our production facilities and retraining our employees in both production and sales. 

 Design & Construction


With the latest colour testing equipment and our screen and digital printing technologies, we match your requirements to colour reproduction of logos, pictures or graphics.

You can choose between many different adhesives to ensure that your label or transfer adheres optimally. Our technical experts are happy to advise you about the exact combination of foil and adhesive needed by you.

Self-adhesive screen or digitally printed labels and transfers are available as single parts or collated − on sheets or on roll.  Upon delivery labels or transfers are ready for mounting on the end product at your premises.

We are ISO, IPC and UL certified. Thus, you can draw on our extensive knowledge of the correct material to choose to achieve e.g. UL approval of your final product of which the label or transfer makes part


The foil you choose for your labels and transfers is crucial for the final result. 

Ask us for news about the latest foils and their unique properties that may make all the difference for your self-adhesive label or transfer. 

Also, create further effect on your self-adhesive labels and transfers with: 

• Structural lacquer which highlights areas on the label or transfers − e.g. a printed baseball with the texture of a real baseball  − an experience both visually and tactilely

• 3D effects giving the design an extra dimension 

• Screen printing with unique pixel-like effect to images and graphics

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