Micro milling

Mekoprint A/S has more than 25 years of experience in advanced milling processing in the materials aluminum, steel, stainless steel and titanium. 

We are, among several other technologies, specialized in micro milling. With our highly complex 5-axis milling technology, we are able to produce the most complex items possible.

Micro milling takes place in a climate-controlled environment with a temperature variation of raw materials, tools and measuring equipment within only +/-1 degree Celsius.

For quality control, we use first class measuring equipment from GOM. With the market’s most modern equipment, we can always document the precision of all produced parts. 

Mekoprint is your perfect partner when it comes to surface treatment - we handle anodizing, powder- and wet varnishing in-house. Delivery of flawless items is our core competence, and we never compromise on complying with the highest demands to tolerances and surface finish. 




•    5-axis micro milling for creation of complex geometric features
•    Milling according to μm-tolerances
•    50.000 rpm on the mandrels enables creation of mirror-like surfaces, even in very small holes
•    Thin-walled items – down to 0,1 mm thickness
•    Comprehensive measuring reports for even the most complex items



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We micro mill on the high precision machine Mikron HSM 200 U LP with a tool magazine of 140 tools, making it possible to produce even the most complex item in one or two fixings. The machine is based in an isolated climate chamber where all raw materials, tools and measuring equipment is stored in a constant, even temperature.

Documentation of the produced items are performed with the GOM-measuring device ATOS Core 5M with premium inspection software.

We produce a wide range of different qualities in aluminum, steel, stainless steel and titanium. However, we offer an even broader specter of materials, and have recently launched a new product in Mu-Metal. 


Customized solutions

Mekoprint A/S masters a wide technology platform and partner based innovation is our favorite approach. It makes great sense to involve our design- and construction engineers in the development phase, in order to analyze and select the superior material and production method together with the customer.

We are experts in developing solid and cost effective product solutions in partnership with our customers. Offering the possibilities of serigraphic printing, anodizing, powder- and wet varnishing, we are capable of managing the entire value chain.

We specialize in milled items with μm-tolerances, mirror-like surfaces and complex geometric features.

Micro milled parts can be manufactured completely while attached in micro-points, so that even very small items become manageable also for the possible subsequent surface treatment for instance anodization".



Mekoprint is ready to assist you whenever you require micro milling competences.

Our lead-time for prototypes is very short - approximately between 5-10 days, of course depending on the item complexity and the stage of completion.

For items with particular critical surfaces, we recommend individual packaging of each separate item. Our yearlong experience always guarantees the optimal packaging solution, keeping your items safe during transportation and handling.

Mekoprint is famous for creating quality proof and robust value chains, together with our customers, always guaranteeing superior quality and delivery performance.


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Micro milling


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