Mekoprint delivers nameplates, industrial, machine and metal signs for global as well as local producers who require great quality, durability and recognisability.

The signs we deliver are typically stainless steel grades, pre-anodised or anodised aluminium or brass with a multi-colour print, from 0.5-5.0mm in thickness.

Printed aluminium signs are screen printed with non-fade colours and can be supplied in aluminium of varying quality and basic colours. If the most durable surface possible is desired, the colours can be subsequently sealed so that they are located under a thin transparent layer of oxide.

Steel signs can have brushed or smooth surfaces and are typically used when there requirements for durability and exclusive finish are at a maximum.

The sign can be embossed with a logo or fitted with an adhesive on the back for sign installation.



We have an automated set-up for both printed and not printed sign products.

  • We carry out all processes in-house and thereby ensure a fast delivery and uniform quality
  • We have great experience with colours and raw materials used in screen printing
  • We have a production set-up specifically for the production of prototypes and smaller series
  • The sign we work with can be embossed with a logo and fitted with an adhesive on the back for sign installation



Mekoprint has a unique set-up for the production of high-volume signs, as well as for the production of smaller series and prototypes.

Production can take place in a clean room to ensure high, consistent quality.

We produce nameplates, industrial, machine and metal signs in many different materials including stainless steel, aluminium (coloured or natural), brass and bronze of a thickness of 0.5 - 5.0 mm.



All the signs are unique. Mekoprint's design and development department is ready to advise our customers on the layout of the sign.
Numbering–such as type numbers, series numbers or batch numbers–can either be screen printed, printed with resistant ink or using laser engraving, all depending on the customer's wishes.

Together with Mekoprint's IT department, we can also develop and utilise a QR code on a sign and the sign can also be used on the company's website as a smart entry point. Similarly, Mekoprint's IT department can assist in the development of customised apps on e.g., instruction manuals, maintenance instructions or similar documents electronically available via the sign's QR code.



The sign is typically delivered in 4-5 workdays depending on the product processing.

The sign can be packaged individually to avoid scratching and handling damage, or can be delivered with a protective foil coating.

The sign can contain an adhesive on its back side to ensure easy and very strong adhesion.


Industrial signs

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If you are interested in seeing some examples of our nameplates, industrial, machine and metal signs solutions, you are welcome to request product samples.

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