Print on Panels & Foils


Front panels/signs are to attract attention − on buildings, walls or products. Print directly on a front panel or a sign is a unique way to create an exclusive visual effect. 

The print can be both screen and digital printing − or a combination of the two printing technologies.

Many have successfully cooperated with Mekoprint about the development and production of printed, laser-cut panels or sign. 

We recommend working in polycarbonate, polyester and metal. These materials can handle being exposed to rain, snow, sun, heat, cold and salt in the air. 


In all phases of the development of your signs  you can draw on our expertise. 

We happily contribute from the early design phase with the right choice of materials, printing technology and inks.

You can also count on getting advice about the finish that can be necessary to assure that your signage leaves a lasting impression and has a long life in the environment in which it is to function.


Competitive prices and and rapid delivery of front panels and signage are a reality due to our modern production facility and competent, flexible staff.

 Design & Construction


Front panels and signage with screen and/or digital printing are a simple way to highlight your message or emphasize your quality. And design options are endless.

Large-format print and print on roll are handled as efficiently as small quantities and sizes.

The standard format we provide in one piece is up to 1.5 x 2.5 m or on roll in widths up to 2.5 m. Is this format not large enough, we assist in finding a solution where several prints are combined.

We have extensive experience in printing on virtually all materials and are always ready to challenge your − or be challenged by you.

Companies in the transportation, industrial and energy technology industries in large parts of the world have chosen Mekoprint as a supplier of printed front panels and signs. 


The materials you choose for your front panels and signs are crucial for the final result. 

Ask us for advice if you want to know the unique properties of any material. The right material can make all the difference for your front panel or sign. 

Also, create further effects on your front panels or signage with: 

• Structural lacquer which highlights areas on the print − e.g. a textured surface which gives an experience both visually and tactilely

• 3D effects giving the design an extra dimension 

• Screen printing with unique pixel-like effect to images and graphics.

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