Standard EMC shielding

emc shielding

Mekoprint uses a standard programme for EMC shielding and has the ability to make day to day deliveries.

Shielding solutions are of two types. One consists of a socket and a lid so that the shielding can be opened after installation on the circuit board, e.g., in order to repair or inspect electronic components.

The other type is directly installed on the circuit board and thus is a simple and inexpensive shielding solution.



•    Day to day delivery, as standard components are in our warehouse
•    Competitive prices
•    The products are delivered on Tape-and-Reel for automatic installation
•    Small quantities can be ordered (down to one roll)
•    Can be produced with a customised logo


Automated production

The production of our standard programme takes place in an automated set-up. The raw material used is a tin coated coil that is fed into a punching machine which forms the part. 

The parts are thereafter placed on a Tape-and-Reel for automatic installation on the circuit board.



Though this is a standard programme, customised solutions are an option.
We can place a customised logo on the products, and determine the number of holes in the screen, all according to customer specifications.

Other surface coatings are also possible in our standard programme. To find out more, contact Mekoprint A/S.



Deliveries from our standard programme can take place day to day.

If you require even only a single prototype of our standard programme, we can of course provide this for you.

The minimum amount that can be ordered is a single roll.


emc shielding steel


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emi shielding

See our entire standard program for EMC-shielding:
Standard program


emi shielding

The material's mutual suitability in relation to EMC-Shielding:
Material information on EMC- shielding

Surface treatment of shielding materials:
Surface treatment on EMC-shielding (only in Danish)


Order product samples

Product sample emc shielding

If you are interested in seeing some examples of shielding solutions, you are welcome to request product samples as they demonstrate the principles used in our shielding solutions.


Order product samples

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