Quality & the environment

We want our customers to find Mekoprint A/S to be a reliable, quality and environmentally conscious partner. It is our policy to develop and offer products, solutions and supplies with the best quality and environmental-friendliness in the industry.


As a Mekoprint customer, you can rely on quality control in all processes. Our production is managed with a certified management system in which quality is emphasised. Similarly, our working and environmental conditions are certified according to applicable compliance requirements, which you can read more about on this page.


We also provide PPAP documentation, material certificates, and COC and UL documentation as needed. Mekoprint A/S delivers high quality for the most demanding industries, such as, e.g., the medical, automotive and telecommunications industries.


Mekoprint was, for the first time in 1996, certified for DS/ISO 9001 requirements and we have a well-functioning quality management system. Furthermore, Mekoprint has built and implemented an environmental management system and was first certified for DS/ISO 14001 in 1999.  In addition, Mekoprint was, for the first time in 1999, certified for OHSAS 18001, and today our environmental and working environment system is an integrated part of our quality management system.

For more information, read the certificates below.

Mekoprint A/S

ISO 9001:2015            ISO 14001:2015           

DS ISO 45001:2018       

Mekoprint Mechanics-EN1090-12009+A12011    

Conflict Minerals Declaration   


Mekoprint Cables SP.Z.O.O

ISO 9001:2015/ ISO 14001:2015

OHASA 18001:2007


Mekoprint CSR

Mekoprint's "Code of Conduct" is a set of ethical rules for the cooperation between Mekoprint, its employees and suppliers to ensure that materials and services are produced in such a way that they live up to Mekoprint's objective to act responsibly and honourably with all stakeholders. For this reason, Mekoprint participates in the UN Global Compact. 

CSR 2018  CSR 2017  Code of Conduct


We at Mekoprint have chosen to prepare a Quality and Environment Handbook to ensure our quality and to continuously improve our company. Fundamentally, we believe that one can only produce quality products if the concept of quality is an integrated part of the corporate culture.

Therefore, Mekoprint's quality sense is reflected in every detail, at every corner and in every employee.


Quality and environment handbook

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